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About Us
  Marine Petroleum Trust ("Marine") is a royalty trust that was created in 1956 under the laws of the State of Texas. Marine was organized for the sole purpose of providing an efficient, orderly and practical means for the administration and liquidation of rights to payments from certain oil and natural gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico, pursuant to license agreements and amendments thereto between Marine's predecessors and Gulf Oil Corporation ("Gulf"). As a result of various transactions that have occurred since 1956, the Gulf interests are now held by Chevron Corporation ("Chevron"), Elf Exploration, Inc. ("Elf") and their assignees. The indenture provides that the term of the Trust will expire on June 1, 2021, unless extended by the vote of the holders of the majority of the outstanding units of beneficial interests.

The Trust’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Marine Petroleum Corporation, holds title to interests in properties subject to the Trust’s interest that are situated offshore of Louisiana. Ninety-eight percent of all oil, natural gas, and other mineral royalties collected by Marine Petroleum Corporation, less the cost of receiving and collecting, are paid to the Trust. Approximately 60 percent of Marine’s royalty revenues are attributable to oil and approximately 40 percent are ttributable to natural gas. The royalty revenues received by Marine are affected by a number of factors including the producing capabilities of the wells, seasonal fluctuations in demand, and by changes in the market price for oil and natural gas.

The royalty interests held by Marine are depleting with each barrel of oil and cubic foot of natural gas produced. No funds are reinvested by Marine; thus, these depleting assets are not being replaced. Both Marine Petroleum Corporation and the Trust are prohibited from engaging in a trade or business and does only those things necessary for the administration and liquidation of its properties.

For more information including risk factors, properties, and financial data, please review the Form-10K located under the tab "Financial Reports".
The Trustee for Marine Petroleum Trust is Simmons Bank